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To deliver a perfect customer engagement practices, it is important that a contact center uses the best contact center solutions that offer the best inbound and outbound customer solutions.

Cisco Contact Center Solutions

With Cisco Contact Center Solution, you get important functions and applications that give you a good customer engagement system. With the system you are able to cater for the customers’ needs using multichannel contact routing with different applications like Email, Web chat, inbound calls, video calls and social media customer care. With the Cisco Contact Center Solution, you get the following important features and specifications.

Cisco finesse desktop – it is a next generation desktop for the agent and supervisor. It offers complete satisfaction to the customer care agent while improving the customer experience. The desktop has met all the required standards. It offers for the agent and the supervisor all the contact center functions integrated into one thin-client desktop.

With this desktop there will be no side installations required as everything comes with the 100% web 2.0 based platforms. There is quick and easy access to information and assets using the customizable interface. Also with the Cisco finesse desktop there is no need for expertise as it comes with open web 2.0 APIs that simplify the development and integration of applications.

Computer telephony integration – the CTI provides a network-to-desktop integration strategy even at individual agent workstations. This integration helps you to deliver wide range applications thereby allowing you to choose the best solutions to your needs. The solution also allows delivery of accurate customer profiles and information to the desktop.

With this telephony you can have agent to agent call detail information transfer across multiple sites. You will also be able to collect and use information from different applications and databases like web servers and interactive voice response systems. With all these benefits therefore you are able to have a true customer interaction network, increase contact center efficiency, increase customer satisfaction and obtain maximum customer service levels.

Interactive voice response (IVR) and self service – these features help the contact center to enhance efficiency, increase customer satisfaction and reduce costs. The system is created to work with IP based communications. With the IVR and self service, the customer is able to retrieve any information that they require without speaking to an agent. They can also navigate to the required department with ease so they can speak with an agent.

The system delivers notification to the users via email and SMS, with the help of a service provider. The customers are able to enjoy fast service since the calls are efficiently handled by the self service and quick transfer to agents therefore reducing traffic. The customer can process commands quickly using the touchtone input or the speech recognition methods. With the system there is easy administration from anywhere in the WAN. Besides that the installation is easy and no costly equipment is required saving money for the business. The system also performs Prompt and Collect which enables the contact center to obtain user data such as passwords and account identification information.

Integrated service creation environments – with the service creation environment you are able to create rules for call treatments and call flow behavior in the contact center. This makes management of the contact center and the traffic easy.

Workflows – with workflows, the agent can provide improved services and reduced call times. This is because the workflows are able to trigger screen pop ups, REST APIs and two actions at once. The workflow determines the order in which tasks are to be executed hence reducing call times.

Workforce optimization: quality management and advanced workforce management

Workforce optimization allows management of personnel effectively so that the contact center can deliver consistent customer service matching the goals of the business. The managers can be able to monitor adherence to schedules by the agents. They can also be able to make schedules for multiple sites and manage performance indicators.

With quality management there is recording and evaluation which helps manage the agent’s performance in dispute resolution. This ultimately helps the contact center to meet its requirements and goals. With workforce management the managers can be able to optimize the performance of the contact center as a whole by making adjustments as required thereby increasing customer satisfaction.

Home agents – agents can set their remote devices which they can use accept, transfer, disconnect or conference customer calls.

Cisco Spark instant messaging – this platform allows communication between agents, agent and supervisor or agents and other experts outside the contact center.

Supervisor features

These features allow the supervisor to contact agents individually or the entire team thereby making communication of important issues easy. They are also able to record calls or listen to calls secretly thereby reviewing the agent’s performance. The supervisor can interrupt an agent’s call or remove them from the call completely so they can interact with the customer directly.

The supervisor can change the state of the desktop of an agent to active to enable the agent take calls if they have been on break for long. They can monitor calls and performance metrics to enhance training and coaching for the agents. Supervisors are also able to monitor agents remotely from mobile devices. All these features ensure that the call center performs well and meets the needs of the customer.

Multichannel Options

E-mail – is integrated into the agent’s desktop and is available with exchange and office 365. The center can route and queue emails as required ensuring that there is balance between email and call handling between the agents.

Web chat – Cisco Spark provides customer interactions from the company website. The web chat can be assigned only when the agent is not on a voice call if integrated with the voice options thereby increasing efficiency.

Social media customer care – it is available only as a standalone option. It can enable agents to respond to customers communicating on social media platforms.

Video chat – this enables the agent and customer to interact at a one on one level. It also allows the agent to be in multiple places at once thereby ensuring efficient use of resources. It can be used in health care for consultations and interactions for different branch offices in finance among others.


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Cisco Unified Contact Center - Customer Care Solution

Get closer to customers. Increase customer loyalty and satisfaction with these winning solutions that proactively connect customers with the information, expertise, and support they need:
• Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise: Deliver state-of-the-art contact center capabilities over an IP infrastructure. Enterprise-class capabilities include intelligent contact routing, call treatment, network-to-desktop computer telephony integration (CTI), and multi-channel contact management.
• Cisco Unified Contact Center Express: Deliver sophisticated call routing and contact management capabilities with this solution, which is ideal for mid-market, enterprise branch, or corporate departments–for both formal and informal contact centers. It supports up to 300 agents.
• Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal: Provide award-winning speech and video-enabled self-service to callers. Calls are handled at the most efficient location. It includes support for speech recognition with intelligent application development to deliver personalized self-service in a standalone interactive voice response (IVR) system or transparently integrated with the contact center.
• Cisco Unified Expert Advisor: Improve first-call resolution and increase customer satisfaction by allowing presence-enabled knowledge workers to handle incoming customer calls. Formal agents can transfer the caller to experts or engage in a three-way conference with the caller. Experts can be deployed without any formal agents in the call flow.
• Cisco Unified Contact Center Hosted: This solution provides a centralized contact center infrastructure that can deliver services to various divisions or satellite offices of enterprise customers.
• Cisco Unified Intelligence Center: Unified Intelligence Center allows you to extend the boundaries of traditional contact center reporting to an information portal where data can be integrated from multiple sources and shared throughout your organization.
• Cisco Unified IP Interactive Voice Response (IP IVR): This integral component of the Cisco Unified Communications system provides an open and extensible, foundation with a comprehensive feature set for the creation and delivery of self-service voice applications.
Mobile Applications

Enhance productivity, improve response times, and accelerate decision by allowing mobile employees to connect, communicate, and collaborate from their mobile smartphones. Cisco Mobile Applications include:

• Cisco Unified Mobility: Provide workers with single-number-reach capabilities and the ability to move active calls between their Cisco desktop and mobile smarpthones.

• Cisco Unified Mobile Communicator: Easily access Cisco Unified Communications from your mobile smartphone with Cisco Unified Mobile Communicator.

• Cisco WebEx Meeting Center for Smartphones: Fully participate in Cisco WebEx Meeting Center meetings from your mobile smartphone. View shared presentations, applications, and desktops with live annotations. View the meeting attendee list.

• Cisco Mobile Supervisor: Provide contact center supervisors with up-to-the-minute reporting information on their Apple iPhone or iPod Touch. This application is free from the Apple Store.